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"I like to express myself in the way that I write, in the way that I sing, in the way that I love and relate with people."

Uduogie Sonia Omosigho, professionally known as Rukmani, is a Nigerian born singer and songwriter of Indian descent who started making music professionally in 2021.

She's versatile in her approach to music being strongly influenced by a diverse array of genres and artists.

Her style cuts across genres like r&b/soul, hiphop, alternative and Afro-beats, all while maintaining her originality especially with her impressive vocal ability to pulsate synergy with any composition.

Hi Rukmani, Can you tell us more about who you are, where you come from and how old you are ?

I am Rukmani. Rukmani is very expressive, I like to express myself in the way that I write, in the way that I sing, in the way that I love and relate with people. I am half Nigerian and Indian. My mum is Indian and my dad is from Edo state, Nigeria. I am 23 years old.

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If you had to choose a color and a word to describe yourself what would it be ?

For the colour, I am going to say Blue, because when most people hear the colour blue they think sad but Blue is a beautiful colour. The word to describe me would be spontaneous, and also blessed, I am so sorry one word can’t describe me 😂.

In your opinion, What is your honniest song ?

 if it means my favourite song then it has to be "LOVIN", but I pick my songs based on what I am feeling emotionally at that time, so for today I am tilting towards "Lovin".

What is the story behind that sound ? Usually what is your creative process ?

Right now, I believe I wrote Lovin for today’s me. It's describing what I am going through right now because my Lovin messed up people’s system. Lovin was actually a freestyle but I had not put in all the words but most of it was already there, so after freestyling , I rewrote it and then I re-recorded it.

What is the music or artist you're addicted to these days ?

Right now, I am really feeling Doja cat, I have been on the scarlet album, also digging the scarlet vibe. I have even gone as far as listening to get old works, because I believe she’s just a genius, lyrically and everything.

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