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Amaarae « Sad girlz luv money » (remix) ft Moliy and Kali Uchis

✨Hier, Amaarae nous dévoile la vidéo de « Sad girlz luv money » remix, avec Moliy et Kali Uchis, elle nous transporte dans un monde fashion futuriste accompagné de néons et d’hologrammes. Une vidéo signée @reminhoo


✨ Yesterday Amaarae released « Sad girlz luv money » remix, video with Moliy and Kali Uchis – transporting us in a futuristic world made of fashion, neon lights & technology

Directed by @reminhoo

credits 📸 : (Moliy)@darrenseye / (Kali Uchis) @amaurynessaibia / (Amaarae) tag – song produced @yinkabernie – vid directed @reminhoo – creative direct @vylit_ – vid commissioner @nicolasheppard – mktg @jackieeyewe @anadavisldn – head of visuals @fotombo – text @nnyahan – style @iamdanielobasi – hair @shamara_roper /tiger bautista – makeup @alicedoddsmakeup @leo.chaparro – nails @fngrdbyfaith @nailsbyniaw – choreography @kashpowell – mix & master @killingskills

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