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"I plan on taking my music across the borders of Nigeria"

HI, welcome thaboisleek thank you for taking time for this ITW with us.

First, how are you ? Can you tell us more about who you are , where you come from and how old are you ?

Thank you for having me.

It feels good to be having this conversation with you. 

My name Tha Boi Sleek, i am singer, songwriter and performing artist.

I was born in the Early 90’s In a city I love so much called Jos in Nigeria. 

I moved to the of Lagos which is the entertainment capital in 2017 to pursue

a career in music and i released my debut single in 2018.

You are a recording and performing artist, WEDOMIEL’s team discovered you by your last project « Riddim & vibes » in collaboration with Jay Orah and the producer Duktorsett, can you tell us more about the relationship that you have with them and how the project came out? When u decided to collaborate with them  ? 

Yeah, Riddim & Vibes is a collaborative project I released late 2020

with two of my best friends Duktorsett and Jay. 

We recorded all the songs during the Covid-19 lockdown because

we were all living together at that particular time.

So it’s only natural that when 3 musicians are together, we make music.

We recorded the first song “quarantine vibe” and

then recorded others but we decided to the release 3 as a joint project.

« Sisi eko » is probably the record that we love the most in this project - can you tell what « sisi eko » mean exactly? What is The message of this song ? and the story behind this record  ? 

I’m glad y’all like it because it was completely a freestyle from the beginning to the end of the song, there were no words written down or anything, we just had the microphone turned on and we were singing. 

'Sisi' is a Nigerian slang for girl and 'Eko' is another name for Lagos so it loosely translates to 'Lagos Girl' or 'Lagos Lady'. 

Duktorsett made the beat first, i did the hook and the song came out like fire.

Do you have plan for 2021 ? 

Yes, most definitely. 

I recently moved to Europe and it’s been awesome so far, I’ve linked up with really amazing European artists and i am looking forward to collaborating with them.

I plan on taking my music across the borders of Nigeria

and into Europe and the rest of the world. 

MiEL is the French word for honey, so if you must choose one of your songs as the most sweet as honey song, what song will you pick?

Haha That’s a funny question and I haven’t been asked that before. 

I actually think all my songs are as sweet as honey. 

But if I am to pick, I will say my song titled “Official Lover”. It’s a really catchy love song and has great melodies. 

Idrissi Tarek: Traduction EN/FR

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