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"I Wish i could drop my project by next fall"

SYRA is a French singer songwriter with Malian and Senegalese heritage.

Born and raised in Paris, we had an ITW with her for the release of her first single,


Introduced by abright acoustic guitar riff, this ride is guided by the sensual voice of SYRA which seduceswith the tasty mix created between its R&B accents and its production tinged with Afrobeat.


"The goal is for my music to speak as much to my English soul-loving friends as to my mother, who is a fan of Salif Keïta," concludes the ambitious artist.

I want it to speakto the whole world. "

Hi Mariah, can you tell us who you are? can you please introduce yourself ? 

Hi I’m Mariah, I am 22 years old, born and raised in Paris. 

I am passionately in love with music since I am 16 yo, my influences are mostly R&B, soul and Erykah Badu, she has a significant role in my artistic development.

Facetune 2.JPG
If “MiEL” was a song ?

For me It would be a featuring between Dice Ailes and Amaare produced by Kelp Vibes, the kind of song that makes you want to sneak out of a party with the person of your choice.

What will happen for you following the release of Secret Location?

I’ll get back to work and make music, hoping I can release my project this fall.

As an artist, what’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The hardest thing for me is to validate a song before it’s mixed because I’m never satisfied.

If you had any advice for women or young talents with similar background, what would it be?

I would tell them to focus on their own work and mind their business. Don’t get distracted by what comes around you like parties or something.

Idrissi Tarek: Traduction EN/FR

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