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"I want my music to bring a feeling of energy and power to the person that listen to it"

Edmund Addo, also known as Reefer Tym, is a Ghanaian artist. 

Reefer Tym music is frequently about “the struggle on the streets, love and money”, and he stated that he’s been influenced by rappers Gucci Mane, Soulja boy, Lil Wayne and Wale.

Hi Reefer, thanks for taking the time for an interview with us, can you please introduce yourself ? 

Yo it’s Reefer Tym, the king of African pop music straight from Ghana, West Africa.

reefer t2.jpg
If “MiEL” was a song ?

If MiEL was a song, it would most definitely be "Wiskolowisk" a featuring Femi Johnson, that’s my favorite song on my "No Games" EP.

Where does your inspiration come from most of the time?

Most of the time, the inspiration on my music is positive energy, good vibes.

How do you want people to feel after listening to your music?

Do you have a specific purpose when you create or do you just

follow your inspiration?

I want my music to bring like a feeling of energy, power to the person that listen to it. 

Like how you feel your ego, it drives you to do stuff, it’s like motivation, that’s what i want my music to do to the person, that motivation.


I feel that the purpose behind every song is kind of different, otherwise you would be making the same thing every time. 

But i feel like no matter what the purpose behind any song i make is, it must be gathered by my general inspiration like the inspiration behind the song must not be the same, but it must be positive. It doesn’t matter what I’m going to say, it has to be positive, it’s a rule with me i cannot speak about negative stuff.

Can you explain to us the vision of your last project « NO


You know the usual thing about EPs is that the vision didn’t come before the EP, it came after the EP. 

Like i was done recording all the songs, they were mixed and mastered, before the thinking process of the vision actually came. 

I was ready to quit, at the time I was having discussions with one of my close people, i was actually ready to quit so i was so emotional about this whole thing because you know how people have these stories, it’s difficult to come up with money, get on radio, get in here and there, get into the mainstream.. 

I had been through everything and it wasn’t working out, i spent thousands you know, that was exactly what was going on with me and i was ready to quit.


So this time i was like « no games ! », this has to work, i have to get into the charts, i have to hit everything as hard as possible, it’s no games, im not the guy to be played with anymore. 

And that became the vision for the EP.

It was positivity but on my end it was like a whole fight for me, I had to make it work out so it was like a personal fight, no games anymore and for the people they are just going to enjoy the craft you know like everything that went into it and enjoy the end product of course you feel me. 

But that was it, that became the vision and it has been amazing.

Coste Julia: Amorce 

Idrissi Tarek: Traduction EN/FR

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