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"I would say my music is heavily inspired by 70s soul music, and a live jam type of feel."

Singer, songwriter from south London discover Raelle in 5 questions:

Hi Raelle!

Thank you for taking time for this interview with us.

First, can you introduce yourself, where you from ?

How old are you ? And what do you do for a living?

Hey my name is Raelle, I am a neo-soul singer from Surrey UK but I always say south London cause no one knows where surrey is! I just turned 23, and for a living I do music, study and work a full time job also so staying booked and busy!

When we listen your music we are falling in an atmosphere of generosity, lead by the timber on your voice , how do you describe your style of music and where do you find your inspiration in general ?

I would say my music is heavily inspired by 70s soul music, and a live jam type of feel. I take a lot of notes from bands such as The Delfonics, Aretha Franklin, in terms of musicality and in terms of lyrics, I take a lot of inspiration from artists such as Amy winehouse. But all of my music is very personal, sometimes when I write, I don’t always know what I am trying to say but when the whole song is done, it is saying exactly what it needs to be saying. 

What a day with raelle look like ?  What does she like to do except making music ? 

A day in my life, would be wake up early and text my boyfriend usually about my dream, then I workout if im feeling motivated, then depending on what I have to do with my day I would start my daily tasks. If it is a music day then I have a small studio set up in my room so I sometimes try and get some harmonies down on my songs. 


At the moment because I have a new release coming out, I spend a lot of my time reaching out to people to tell them about the release. I live out in nature, so I like to go on walks, I am lucky to be surrounded by beautiful scenic views that stretch out across London, so I like to go there and reflect on my day, dreams what I want to make of my life ect. Its hard to juggle.

« MiEL » means honey in French, we also use this term to define good and sweet music, if you have to choose one of your song as the most « MiEL » (honeyest) which one would it be?

The most MiEL song is probably Sundown, I wrote and released this song last year and its all about releasing you do not need someone and you are stronger on your own.

And last question what can we expect from you in 2021 ( album , project , video ... ) 

2021 expect more music, I have an EP called ‘Wake up Sunshine’ which will be out this August, which will be a 4 track EP followed by a string of singles and a music videos to support it.

More about RAELLE :
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