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"I want to continue to embrace my versatility and use my voice how it should be".

A sweet mix between an afrobeats's artist, a hiphop's ​artist and a young rockstar MOYOSWRLD released her new EP 'Sex On Drugs' meet the Orlando based singer and songwriter, in 5 questions

Hi Moyoswrld !

Thank you for taking time for this interview with us.

Can you tell us more about who you are, where do you come from,

and how old are you?

Hey, I’m Moyoswrld. I am a 21-year-old Rapper, singer & songwriter. I make a lot of hip hop, afrobeats, and alternative music. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and currently, I am based in Orlando, Florida.

If you had to choose a color and a word to describe yourself what would it be?

I would choose yellow because it is bright and sweet but also real and grounding. It also occurs in many shades naturally just like myself.

In your opinion, What is your honniest sound ?

Honey in music sounds silky smooth airy vocals over masterfully arranged instruments. ear candy.

What is the story behind that sound ? Usually what is your creative process?

I really enjoy melodies that are otherworldly so I usually start by connecting with the beat. I’ll record some melodies and whatever I like, I keep. My goal is to make music that I enjoy listening to so after I punch in some lyrics I’ll look for more ways to elevate the total listening experience of the song.

What is the music or artist you are addicted to these days?

Lately, I have been Listening to Kari Faux. She is constantly experimenting and

I am obsessed with how she uses her words.

What is your plan for the end of the year?
I just released my debut EP titled ‘Sex On drugs’. The Feedback has been amazing and it definitely has me very excited to be working on my first album. I have been working with a lot of talented people lately and it has fueled me to make some of the best music I ever have. The ideas are endless so I want to continue to embrace my versatility and use my voice how it should be.
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