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"I don’t know where the journey is taking me, but I’m enjoying it."

Hi Joj, thanks for taking the time for an interview with us, can you please introduce yourself ? 

My name is Jojoftheejungle and i’m a singer & songwriter from Nigeria.

If you had to choose a color and a word to describe yourself what would it be ?

I’ll say red because I’m different and of course we know red is a very explosive color. It can sometimes mean speed and danger. For some, it brings to mind feelings of strength and love.


And Creative because I create a lot of music and sounds of course.

And that to me is my biggest flex. 

I created “The Redline” 

If “MiEL” was a song, in your opinion, What is your honniest sound ?

Well i will say “Peter Pan” 

What is the story behind that sound ? And Usually what is your creative process ?

You know me ,Jagaban!

Flying around,Peter pan!

I am the general commander.”


That particular line came to me during the Pandemic.

It was a really tough time at that point for me, you know having to go through the whole lockdown.

I wrote the whole song in my Kitchen, so yeah “Peter Pan” is a Pandemic song. 


And when I want to get creative or make new music, I simply take some time with family, especially my brother “Senzo”who likes to be in the studio with me. And then it just comes to me naturally.

What is the music or artist your addicted to these days ?

I won’t really say I’m addicted to any artist or music out there right now.

But then I really like Wizkid,Burna boy,Gunna and CDQ yeye.

What are your plans for the future ?

My plan is to stay grinding and to keep making music. I don’t know where the journey is taking me,but I’m enjoying it.

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