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"I was unsure if I was actually capable of making afro"

Jesse "The Architect" Ekagbo, also known as Jess ETA, is a pluri talented Nigerian artist. Producer, sound engineer and songwriter, he pleases us with both a relaxing and exciting music.


The young artist granted us with an interview, an opportunity for MiEL to come back on his career and explore his world.

Hi Jess, thanks for taking the time for an interview with us, can you please introduce yourself ? 

My name is JessE The Architect (Jess ETA)

and i’m a producer/singer/songwriter from Nigeria.

I make a lot of different genres but tend to have an influence

of Afro/Soul in most of my songs.

If “MiEL” was a song ?

If honey was a song, i would imagine airy silky smooth synths layered with cinematic percussions and strong yet versatile vocals.

Two tracks of you, are on "MiEL" Playlist, "YEAH?" & "MORE" can you tell us the stories behind them ?

“More” and “Yeah?”

are songs i made to fully announce my indulgence in the afro music scene.

« More » 

was a simple love song i made based on feeling i had for someone at the time. It is made of simple melodies and some catchy guitar playing.


was however a different ball game, i made it because,

i was unsure if i was actually capable of making afro; That’s where the name comes from.

It’s a question asking the audience of their approval and

seeking validation to prove that i was indeed capable of making afro songs.

How do you feel about being an artist in this time and what are you expecting for yourself in 2020 ?

Well right now i’m trying to test the limit of my abilities and see how far i can push myself not only as a singer but also as a producer and writer.

I’m currently working on an EP

I have titled as “Balance” and i plan on releasing it this year.


i’ll be working on an album that might still change but I’m currently thinking of naming it “Reficere” which means rebirth as i plan to embrace a sound that is in part very familiar to but still very different from what my previous works sound like till date.

What is your goal when you doing music ?

I want my music to be as unpredictable but yet as recognizable as possible.

Coste Julia: Amorce 

Idrissi Tarek: Traduction EN/FR

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